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  1. je suis du Brie…
    "You are a cheese with a complex flavor. Your moods are affected by your current environments. You are sophisticated and mature but sometimes a little superstitious."
    encore une journée ensoleillée qui s’annonce… :p
    merci, ma chouchoute pour ce bon ptit lien ! 😉

  2. OUAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN chuis un fromage que j’aime pas!

    You are parmesan cheese!

    You are a white, crumbly cheese. You are very social and talkative. You are incredibly friendly to everyone, but also a little lazy.

    Named after an area in Italy, Parma Parmesan is one of the world’s most popular and widely-enjoyed cheeses. Milk used for Parmesan is heated and curdled in copper containers but not before most of the milk’s cream has been separated and removed. Curd is cut and then heated to 125 degrees F, all the while stirring the curd to encourage whey runoff. The curd is further cooked at temperatures of up to 131 degrees F, then pressed in cheesecloth-lined moulds. After two days, the cheeses are removed and salted in brine for a month, then allowed to mature for up to two years in very humid conditions. [ Country: Italy || Milk: cow milk || Texture: hard || Recommended Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon Pinot Noir ]

    ET EN PLUS Y MDISENT CHUIS LAZY !!! porte naouak ton truc!

  3. Mouaaaaahahahaahahahaaaa

    >You are brie!

    Aux huîtres ? Espèce de colombo!

    >You are a cheese with a complex flavor.

    C’est ça, dit que je ne me lave pas!

    >Your moods are affected by your current environments.

    Ben ouais! S’il pleut, je chante, s’il fait soleil, je chante, la preuve!

    >You are sophisticated and mature but sometimes a little superstitious.

    Comment ça je suis un petit superstitieux ?

    >Brie is the best known French cheese and has a nickname "The Queen of Cheeses".

    Tu me traites de Queen ?

    >Several hundred years ago, Brie was one of the tributes which had to be paid to the French kings.

    La gueule de la salle aux trésors !

    >In France, Brie is very different from the cheese exported to the United States.

    Tu veux dire que je ne suis pas le même quand je me rend aux States ?

    >"Real" French Brie is unstabilized

    Et donc moi, je suis un déséquilibré, c’est ça ?

    >and the flavor is complex when the surface turns slightly brown.

    Je ne bronze jamais!

    >When the cheese is still pure-white, it is not matured.

    Ah ben voilà, à présent il me dit que je suis puéril!

    >If the cheese is cut before the maturing process is finished, it will never develop properly.

    Est-ce ma faute si mes parents m’ont fait un baptême juif ?

    >Exported Brie, however, is stabilized and never matures.

    En gros ce truc me dit que quand je voyages, je suis un peu con

    >Stabilized Brie has a much longer shelf life and is not susceptible

    et donc, que je suis susceptible (pour une fois, ce bouzin à vu vrai)

    >to bacteriological infections.

    Je suis fidèle en mariage!

    >Brie, one of the great dessert cheeses, comes as either a 1 or 2 kilogram wheel

    Tu me traite de maigrichon ?

    >and is packed in a wooden box.

    Oui bon, je ne suis pas toujours bien habillé, mais quand même…

    >In order to enjoy the taste fully, Brie must be served at room temperature.

    Fait moi suer et tu vas enjoy fully!

    >[ Country: France |

    Trop fort, il connait ma nationalité

    >| Milk: cow milk |

    J’ai pas d’argent

    >| Texture: soft |

    Je suis moelleux, nuance!

    >| Recommended Wine: Bourgogne ]

    Raté, je suis sans alcool!

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